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How to be the best client ever!

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Who doesn't love to get their hair done? If you don't, then you might want to think about looking for a new stylists that you love. Once you've found "the One", it's magical, they get you, you get them, it's like a perfect match.

Want to know the secrets to having a great relationship with your stylist?

I'm about to spill all the beans with you.

Be on time

This one seems like a no brainer, but really it's huge for us. If you're even just 10 minutes late, it could throw off our entire day and we may not have time to do everything we had scheduled, for instance, you might have to leave with wet hair instead of a finished style. And nobody wants that. And please, if you come in late with a fresh Starbucks in hand, bring your stylist one too!

Let us know if you need to cancel

We all have things that come up last minute, but please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule. Most salons have a 24-48 hour cancellation policy in place to protect themselves from those that tend to make it a habit. Some salons have a firm policy with no leeway, but this can vary from stylist to stylist, if they do, please understand, a last minute cancellation means they are now unable to fill your spot and have lost money. If you do cancel last minute, at least offer to tip the stylist for the missed appointment if they don't have a cancellation policy in place, this will keep you on the fast track to forgiveness and a quick reschedule. If you don't know the policy, just ask, all stylist will be happy to share with you what theirs is.

Big changes in your hair

If you're wanting to totally revamp your look, give your stylist a heads up. Not telling us and showing up with a picture 7 inches shorter and 5 levels lighter in color when you're scheduled for a trim and color retouch just won't work out. It's best to send a text or email with pictures of what you're looking to change as soon as you know you'd like a change in style or color. This does 2 things, it gives us time to reschedule you if what you are wanting won't fit in the original time slot and it gives us a chance to ask you questions and have a plan going into the appointment.

Talk to us

For the most part, we as stylist chose this career because we are people people and want to know Everything about you! We want to get to know you, know about your family, pets, children and your vacation plans. Of course, avoiding hot button topics is always best. Stylists have opinions, but we were taught to avoid politics, religion and sex so don't be offended when we choose to change the subject to avoid these and any other topics that might be offensive. It's a crazy world we live in and love and peace always win, so let's just keep the topic on fun stuff, like your hair and dogs!

Refer us

You know you love your hair and everything about the experience, so you stylist would love for you to share your excitement with your friends. One of the best compliments you can give your stylist, besides a huge smile and an "I LOVE it" after your appointment is a referral. We want more people in our chairs just like you! Some stylists have an awesome referral program that could give you money back to get your hair done. Some offer referral incentives to both you and your friend that goes in for a color. Some offer free upgrades.

So next time your friend tells you how great you look, make sure to let them know about your fabulous stylist. (Just don't send your crazy friends... (I'm only slightly kidding)

Social Media and Google Reviews

Oh, social media and Google. What did we do without it? It's just the way the world works today so we as stylists have had to jump on board. Did you know that your stylist LOVES when you go on social media and give them a shout, show a picture of your beautiful hair and tag the business? I mean, we absolutely love it. It shows us that you love your hair so much you are wanting to show it off and in return tell your friends about us.

Review are one of the way we get new business and your review means the world to us.

Please take the time to leave an awesome heartfelt review for your stylist when you leave the salon. Pictures are a bonus and it shows others just how great your stylist is.


If you can, invest in the take home products your stylist recommends. Even if it's only the shampoo and conditioner for your specific hair, there's a reason we're recommending it. Going home with a new color and using products not approved by your stylist may in some cases void any guarantee they have for their color. It's kind of like getting a brand new cashmere sweater and throwing it in the wash with dish soap. Of course you wouldn't do that, so why would you treat your hair any differently? We are aware you may be able to get some products from sellers that may cost less, but you never know if you are actually getting what you're paying for. Many sell outdated, watered down, or even bottles with some other product in them. It's scary!! The big stores like Ulta and Sephora markup their prices and you are really only lining the pockets of a huge company vs. a small independent stylist when you buy from them. Many stylist have such awesome rewards programs like mine, you'll likely be saving money when purchasing from them. They are after all the one who took the time to educate you on the products. When you ask what you can purchase from a drug store for you hair, quite frankly, they really don't know. Stylist use professional products to achieve the look they gave you, it would be impossible to know what to suggest in the drug stores. Most stylists even have an online retail store that offers you the products used and recommended by the stylist delivered straight to your doorstep. I've selected all the products available in my store because I know they work and I love them. You can shop my store here.

One last thought, if there's something we can do better, please tell us! I know I want my clients to always feel comfortable to tell me any difficulties they may experience with their hair. If you want an adjustment on your cut, reach out, stylists want to make you happy and want you to LOVE your hair. I have a lot of super powers, but I can't read minds.

This list could quite possibly go on for much longer, but here are just a handful of the way to create that lifelong relationship that helps your stylist offer you the absolute best in every way.

Did any surprise you?

Until next time,


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