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I'm so excited to meet you!

Hi, I'm Tammie.  I've lived and worked in San Antonio most of my life.

As a mom and a busy career woman, I know exactly how important it is to feel special, pampered and beautiful in a relaxing environment.  

I've designed a salon experience that will leave you feeling uplifted, relaxed, and more confident in your hair than you've felt before.  Lots of natural greenery, modern decor, and comfortable music in the background, and everyone says it smells amazing!

I've been a stylist for 30+ years and have never been more in love with my clients or my craft.  I specialize in modern dimensional gray coverage and dimensional blonding.  I take great pride in the fact that I attend advanced color classes regularly and travel for education yearly.


I love talking and laughing with my clients and learning about each of them on a personal level.  While most stylists offer a great first visit and solid maintenance thereafter, I see my role as your stylist a bit differently.   I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge to help teach each client how to style and maintain their hair at home.  It is by far one of the most powerful things I can do to support and help empower women through their challenges and to attain their hair goals.   I never want you to feel stuck in a rut, so I may offer a new idea or products I've found that would be perfect for you at future appointments to keep things fresh.   

 I pride myself on my thorough consultations, both at your first appointment and every one thereafter.  Understanding exactly what your desired goals are and addressing any problems you are currently having with your hair is vital to a successful outcome. And sending you home with the skills and products to duplicate what I've done in the salon is my priority.



In my free time, you'll find me with Doug hiking the trails here in SA, hanging out at our pool playing backyard games or walking our sweet pups around the neighborhood.  I enjoy reading and could relax in the pool while reading for an entire day.  

We have 2 of the smartest, cutest dogs in the world. Lola and Sprocket.   You can find Sprocket on her own IG page here.  Go follow her, you'll love seeing her adventures. 

You fellow dog lovers will appreciate seeing them occasionally on my social media pages and I love talking about your sweet dogs while in the salon.  Pictures of your pups are always welcome!


I have an incredible 35-year-old son who is one of the smartest people I know.  Without his help tutoring me in Algebra and Biology, I couldn't have possibly graduated from college several years ago!   

I'm an entrepreneur at heart and have a small photography business I work outside of salon hours.  

It's your turn, I can't wait to know more about you.



A few fun facts about me!


1.  I love sour candy like really love it.

2.  I'm extremely introverted!  I may not seem like it in the salon, but outside of work, you won't find me hanging out in big crowds for days on end.  

3.  I'm pretty sure I'm a 6 on the Enneagram, but still learning more every day.  If you haven't heard of it, check it out HERE.  It's an incredible look into the personality of each individual.  I find that for the most part, it's accurate.  I'd love to know what number you are.

4.  I'm obsessed with Netflix and it turns out, I like binge-watching shows.

5.  I love playing board and card games, even if I don't win.  I'm not competitive, so keeping a score is optional.

6.  I love dogs.  If we could rescue every single one, it'd make me so, so happy.  In my retirement years, I'm hoping to volunteer a lot of time at a local shelter.

7.  I got braces on my teeth in October 2022 and have been adjusting to life as an adult with metal in my mouth.  I've loved picking the colored bands and the fact that my teeth are moving and I love the bling it adds to my teeth.

If you're one of my returning clients and would like to book an appointment, click HERE...
I can't wait to see you again soon!

If you're ready to update your style in a salon that wants you to feel relaxed, welcomed and beautiful,
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