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A guide on what to wear to your hair appointment, spoiler alert, it's not a white turtleneck.

You're excited for your appointment, I get it, you want to leave and have lunch with your friends and look fabulous doing it so you choose your cutest outfit to get your hair done.

I love that, but something I'd like to suggest you keep in mind is how difficult it may be to keep that cute top clean, dry and stain free.

I promise to do my absolute best to keep your clothes perfect when you're in the salon by offering a smock to change into during a color service, covering you with special capes that are color and water resistant, and the many years of practice rinsing color from the nape while keeping all the water in the bowl, but accidents do happen.

So when you're getting ready to come to the salon for a color, do yourself and stylist a favor and don't wear your favorite blouse. One thing I always suggest to clients is if you are going out afterwards, bring a shirt you are comfortable in, one you don't love, and after your appointment, change into your favorite cute blouse to hit the town. And to do your photo shoot of your awesome hair afterwards!

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