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Your time is priceless, here's how I can help you save it while visiting the salon.

What would you do with an extra hour if you could get your hair colored, cut, and styled and be out of the salon about 1 hour earlier than expected?

Years of research and development have produced a revolutionary hair coloring system unique in its kind offering increased performance, efficiency, and peace of mind. Today you can have superior results while safeguarding your health and your hair.

A unique complex of 18 vegetable amino acids that restore hair’s natural health while hair color is developing. Anti-age properties combat the deterioration of hair and scalp and protect against atmospheric damage. Totally regenerating the hair fibers providing unsurpassed results.

Beyond hair color, beyond intensive reconstructive properties, beyond its efficiency and ease, it reduces chemical impact to only 10 minutes.

What does this mean for you? More time back in your schedule. I value your time and know that you don't necessarily want to spend upwards of 45 minutes processing a color that we could get even better results from you processing 10 minutes. You, in turn, get to spend more time doing the things you love, shopping, a date with your spouse, lunch with your friends or I've even had a client not realize her appointment would be finished with time to spare so she treated herself to a quiet lunch, kid-free!

Time is an awesome gift and I'm here to get you fabulous results, healthy hair, and more time for what's important to you.

What questions do you have? I'd love to help. Feel free to reach out to me.

Until next time,


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