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Oh, I need help! I've messed my hair up.

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

So you've been coloring your hair for a while and it's starting to look, well, not so good. Or perhaps you've tried out a new box color you saw at the store and it didn't quit turn out how you thought it would. You may have even gone to a stylist without much experience and left with a color that is "off". Or worse, you used bleach on your hair and it's now orange, blotchy, and so dry. Now what?

This is the time to reach out to a stylist you trust and get a consultation for a color correction.

In my opinion, a color correction is when I am attempting to fix a problem created by anyone, yourself or a professional.

I happen to LOVE doing color corrections because honestly, I love the challenge!

They are unpredictable but with the right attitude going in, I can most often get your hair to a point that you can live with and with you following the recommended path, ultimately the hair of your dreams.

Keep in mind, I'm always honest with my clients and they know this is a process that will sometimes not be 100% what they are looking for when they first leave the salon. I discuss in detail what to expect, worse and best case scenarios.

Here's what you can expect when getting an appointment with me for a correction.

  1. My ultimate goal is to keep hair on your head! It sounds dramatic, but I assure you, hair can break off with the wrong processes and it's not a pretty site. There may be times where I'll say we need to do conditioning treatments before even considering touching your hair with lighter or color. I'm not saying no because I don't want to do it, I'm saying no because I honestly don't believe your hair can take it and may be so damaged it'll need to be cut off.

  2. I will never push past what I believe is the point of no return. If at any time your hair tells me it's time to stop, I'll do just that and proceed with the next best option.

  3. I ALWAYS make a detailed plan after our initial consultation. This plan is very in-depth with options for the unexpected. You've likely heard of "if this, then that ". This is exactly what I do, write down my steps and account for what can go right or wrong and move on to the next step.

  4. Consultations are a must for me when starting a color correction. I want to see your hair, touch your hair and discuss with you what your goals are, and what I believe is attainable. After the initial consultation, you'll fill out a couple of forms that go over everything we talked about so we are both clear on the goals. At that point, I'll schedule the appointment.

  5. Your appointment is schedule for the entire day with me! Yes, corrections can take anywhere from 4-10 hours at 1 visit. I tell my clients, pack a lunch, pack a snack and pack dinner, we may be here for a while. There are some times a correction will last 4-6 hours, and I'm overjoyed when that happens, but I have had them last in the 10-12 hour range also.

  6. You'll need to take home the recommend products suggested to you. After a correction, your hair has been through a LOT. You'll need to put moisture and protein back in. You'll need to treat it gently and baby it. This is ultimately the only way to keep it healthy and shiny.

  7. I charge hourly for corrections and include everything I'll use. This includes bond builder (Olaplex and K18) , protein and conditioning treatments throughout the service, chelating color remover, cut and style and all products used to lighten and color your hair. This ensures I am using every product I think is necessary in the process. My clients are aware of the variable cost depending on how long the service takes and it's all covered in the consultation.

Color correction services are expensive, but when you see the before and after of your hair, it'll be all worth it in the long run.

I hope you never need one, but if you do, don't hesitate reaching out, I'll be here for you to book a consultation.

Until next time,


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