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K18, what is this miracle in a bottle?

You've likely heard about this but if you haven't, you are in for a treat!

I am what you may call a product junkie. I love trying new products on myself to see if they'll be something that my clients could benefit from. I get a lot of misses, but when I get a hit, I get so excited for the possibilities.

So when I read about K18 I was intrigued and ready to try it as soon as I could get my hands on it. I took an online course to become certified so I could know everything.

So what is it? In short, it's a patented peptide of amino acids that travel deep into the hair's core structure to fit in and reconnect broken polypeptide chains, that are responsible for hair strength and elasticity.

So why do you need it and how does it work? When hair get damaged by heat, environment, chemicals, etc., the inner structure becomes weak and breaks. The polypeptide chains are responsible for elasticity and strength but when damaged, the hair looses the resiliency and shine, or the look and feel of healthy hair.

K18 travels deep into the inner layer of hair and the revolutionary peptide is just the right size and makeup to fit in and reconnect the broken chains. And because the peptide is an overachiever, as a result of the reconnection, any disturbed disulfide bonds are also re-conformed.

K18 Mimis the natural structure of keratin building blocks and is recognized as natural by the hair! It doesn't wash away like other bond builder so it makes for a genuinely unique lasting solution for damage strands. What's incredible, is that you'll start seeing softer, stronger, healthier hair after just 1 use and it builds on itself so over time the results will be phenomenal with continued use.

So now onto what I experienced. I used as directed and my hair felt amazing after the first use. I used it again for several shampoos and loved how my hair felt and looked. Because my hair is being repaired, my curls have come back like crazy! I even had a fellow stylist comment on how good it looked. I brought it into the salon and tried it on a few clients and the results were equally as amazing. A few I didn't tell that I was using it just to see if they noticed after I styled and they all said something about how great their hair looked. So now onto having clients take it home for use while out of the salon. One of the most amazing reviews I got from a client is this text " I really love this K18 potion! My hair feels amazing and I can go even longer between washing. My hair doesn't get oily as quickly. Usually I'd have to use dry shampoo on day 3, but now it might be day 4 or 5 if I need to use any at all"

So if you're ready to experience this magic potion, head over to my online store to order yours. I also have it available in the salon for you to take home and just ask for the professional version to be used when you get your next cut or color. I promise, you won't be disappointed.

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