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Are you giving your conditioner a chance to work?

If you aren't finding the results you'd like to have with your hair products, particularly your conditioner, let's talk about why that may be happening.

We're all in a hurry when getting ready in the morning, but have you ever really read the back of your conditioner bottle? You might be surprise to see that a lot of times the instructions actually say to leave 10 minutes before rinsing. Some say you can leave it longer but very rarely do I see that you should put it on and rinse it off.

The product needs to have enough time to do it's job or we can't expect the results we're promised.

So next time you towel dry your hair before putting on conditioner ( that's ideally how you should apply it) time yourself for at least 5 minutes and see if you fall in love with your conditioner again.

Here you'll find a few of my favorite brands, shop online and get free delivery to your door in most cases. Oh, and the Leaf & Flower Volume line has instructions to leave on 3 minutes, that's a time saver.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I'd love to help.

Until next time,


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