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Covid -19 Policies

Your safety is my top priority.

-All community-touched surfaces in the suite are thoroughly disinfected throughout the day using a hospital-grade disinfectant.  

-At this time, masks are optional, but that is subject to change at any time.  I'll follow your lead, if you are wearing a mask, I will happily do so too.

-I run a True Hepa Air purifier throughout the day.

-Hand sanitizer is always available for use in the salon. I also wash my hands prior to each client and ask that you sanitize before the service begins.

-Contactless payment options are available to all clients.

- You are welcome to come in to wait in the hallways until the studio is ready for your appointment.  I do however ask that if a bench is occupied, please choose another area to be seated to respect the space of the other clients waiting.

Thank you for understanding,


If you have any questions concerning the policies, please don't hesitate reaching out HERE.

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