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Thank you For Coming in to see me for a Consultation

I hope you got all your questions answered and are ready for your transformation!  

If you haven't already booked your appointment, you can reach out to me below after filling out the form.

Image by Elena Joland
Image by Elena Joland

Please use the link below to fill out the digital color correction form.

Once your form is sent, please contact me to schedule your correction. I'll need to find a day with ample time to accommodate the amount of hours needed.  If you have any more questions, feel free to ask at this time.

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How to Prepare For Your Appointment

1.  Be prepared for an appointment lasting 4-9 hours.  Please bring a lunch and any other food/drink you feel you'll need for that amount of time.  I do have several snacks and drinks in the salon available for you and a freezer/refrigerator and microwave you are welcome to use.

2.  Please wear comfortable clothes that you won't mind getting wet or colored.  I will offer you a robe to change into but if you decide to stay in your own clothing, please be aware that they could get stained from all the processes we are doing.


3.  If you have work to do on a computer, feel free to bring that along, or relax reading or watching your favorite TV show or Netflix! 

4.  Please come in with your hair no more than 1 days from shampooing and brushed out, but be gentle with your scalp.  Don't scratch it as it may cause irritation with the chemicals that will be used to correct your color.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out HERE.

See you soon,


Image by Liana Mikah
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